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WiccaWicca is a religion which honours nature and advises its followers to “harm none.” It is sometimes called ‘The Craft’ and those associated with its set of traditions, practises and beliefs, call themselves ‘witches.’ Wicca is all about working with the seasons and tides of the earth and the rhythms of the moon, planet and stars. It is about seeing yourself as part of the spirit of all things, including rocks, trees, animals, plants, places and people. Rituals and magical spells are performed for healing and to mark the seasons and changes in life. Wicca is all about love and respect for the planet, and is the closest religion known to man which follows the principles of the Faery Realm. Many of the philosophies contained within Wicca hold the same ethics and ideals as that of the faeries, and you will hear many of the following concepts within The Faery Tales books.

The Eight Sabbats

The faeries mark particular points of the year with huge parties and celebrations. These great festivals are known as the eight Sabbats. They represent the changes of the seasons on the wheel of life and link directly to important changes within our own lives. They are:

Samhain (Halloween) – 31st October
Yule (Winter Solstice) – 21st/22nd December
Imbolc (The Feast of Bridget) – 1st/2nd February
Ostara (Spring Equinox) – 21st/22nd March
Beltane (Time of the Green Man) – 1st May
Litha (Summer Solstice) – 21st/22nd June
Lughnasadh (Harvest Festival) – 1st/2nd August
Modron (Autumn Equinox) – 21st/22nd September

The Five Sacred Elements

The faeries believe that these 5 sacred elements form the basis of all existence and should therefore be honoured. They are used as symbols in faery magic and rituals. The 5 pointed star, also known as a pentacle in Wicca is a representation of the importance of these elements.

Earth – North
Air – East
Fire – South
Water – West
Spirit – Centre

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