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About the Author

Melanie J Firth

Melanie J Firth Melanie J Firth trained and worked as an actress and singer, and now teaches Performing Arts at a very large secondary school in South Yorkshire. She is a huge fan and promoter of all things pink, fluffy, glittery and sparkly.

Faeries have fascinated her since a very young age when she first found one living in the dry stone wall of her back garden. Melanie describes herself as a ‘Spiritual Junkie’ – addicted to all things magical and holistic.

As well as writing, she loves to spend her time watching her beloved football team, Sheffield Wednesday, and being a Mummy to her daughter and pets.

Melanie is available to hire for talks, readings and interactive drama and writing workshops, based around her books. Ideal for schools, libraries and community events, Melanie is happy to work with you to meet your personal requirements. Please get in touch via the Author Contact page to discuss further, or email

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