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Do you believe that all your wishes can come true?
They absolutely can, you know.

MagicPicture a stereotypical faery and no doubt your imagination shall conjure up the pretty Christmas tree topper with a star shaped wand in her hand. The wand has become a recognised symbol of the casting of spells and faeries are naturally associated with their ability to be able to perform magic. It’s a shame however, that through the ages a lot of us humans have forgotten that we too have the ability to bring about magical changes of our own. Many of the spells that faeries cast can be practised easily from the comfort of your very own home, and you can have lots of fun experimenting with different ingredients to bring about your hearts desires. Just remember though, that a faery would never deliberately perform magic to harm another.

Faeries follow the Wiccan religion which strictly advises we “harm none” and only ever act in the name of the greater good. Don’t forget that whatever we put out into the world we always get back threefold, so it makes perfect sense that you should only ever want to go around sending good vibes to others. Providing you heed that golden rule, then get casting right away. If you believe in your dreams and want to follow them, then really amazing things are just waiting to happen to you. I promise you that, because I have witnessed and experienced it firsthand. I’ve included some favourites of mine here to get you started. I learnt these spells from the Steeple Faeries themselves and have had lots of success with them so far. If you try any of them out, don’t forget to let me know how you got on.


Apple Love Spell

Apple Love Spell If you’re looking for a new romance in your life and want a hint of who it might be with, all you need is an apple and a peeler. Take the apple and as you peel the skin, take care to keep all of the peel in one piece. Once complete, you can hold the peel in your right hand and say,

“With this token I wish to discover
The initial of my one true lover.”

Turn round three times clockwise and then drop the peel over your left shoulder. Have a look at the shape it forms on the floor. You should find that it looks like a particular letter of the alphabet. This letter is the initial of your future love’s name.

Golden Ring Love Spell

Golden Ring Love Spell If you really fancy someone, but at the moment that attraction doesn’t seem to be reciprocated, then try this simple technique, usually best performed on a Friday. You will need a clear glass, a golden ring, a long piece of ribbon and a photograph of the person you desire. Thread the ribbon through your ring to make a pendulum and then holding it between your thumb and forefinger, hang the ring inside the rim of your glass without allowing it to touch the sides. Say aloud your own name and the name of the person you want to be attracted to you. Repeat this twice. Now look at their photograph and spell their name out loud. As you say each letter, let the gold ring tap against the glass. To end, tie the ribbon around your neck and wear it for 3 weeks. Within this time you should begin to notice very positive changes in this person’s behaviour around you.

Seven Coin Money Spell

Seven Coin Money Spell Faeries find it hard to understand the human obsession with money, as it’s not needed in the Faery Realm, but they do appreciate that in our material world it is often essential to get by. If you feel like you need a little help drawing some more money into your life, try this abundance increasing spell. You need seven coins, a bowl and a green candle. At the start of your week place one of the coins inside the bowl. On the second day place a second coin in the bowl. Continue to do this for seven days until all of your coins are inside the bowl. On the seventh day, light the green candle and stand it next to the bowl. If you can scatter a few leaves around your working area, this will enhance the magic too. Pick up the dish with your right hand and pour the coins into your left hand, saying,

“May more money flow my way
Now and every other day.”

Now place each of the coins in a circle around the green candle. Allow the candle to burn out and then return the coins to the bowl. Remember never to leave a candle burning unattended though. If you cant wait, then blow it out once you feel the magic has had time to set. For the next seven days, each day place one of the coins back amongst the rest of your loose change wherever you keep it – either in your pocket or purse!

Egg Anger Spell

Egg Anger Spell We all know it’s not a good thing to feel angry. Anger festers away inside of you, making you feel moody and grumpy. When you’re angry at someone or something, the only one you’re harming is yourself. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop us from feeling this way from time to time. It’s only human. And even faeries can get stroppy when things are not going their way. To release these emotions try using an egg, a black candle and a pink candle. You will need to go outside in your garden to do this. First light your black candle and place it somewhere safe. Grip your egg as tightly as you can, shouting loud, “Anger be gone!” Now throw the egg as far as you can and watch it soar through the air, picturing as it goes all your feelings of resentment being released from you and set free. Blow out the black candle and say,

“Anger, once you had a hold on me,
I now release you and set you free.”

Light the pink candle which stands for pure unconditional love and say,

“As these flames flicker and burn,
May anger’s power never return.”

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