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The Crystals of the Steeple Faeries

Crystals are beautiful stones which were created out of minerals as the earth formed. Hot molten boils and bubbles under what we call the earth’s ‘mantle’ which is a thin crust like the skin on an apple, and here many different variations of crystal are born. Although they may look solid on the outside, within their geometrical structure, they are actually full of molecules vibrating at certain frequencies and this is what gives crystals their unique energies. They contain the DNA of the planet, the records of the earth for over millions of years and the memory of all forces that has shaped it.

Due to their beauty they have always been worn as jewellery decoration, but people have also come to realise that crystals possess special powers in healing, both mentally and physically. In the town and village of Steeple, where ‘The Faery Tales’ stories are set, the local faeries are all named after these precious stones and they adopt the personality and characteristics of the crystal they are identified with.

QuartzQuartz: This is the most powerful crystal known to man on our planet. It is used in countless human inventions from clocks to cars. Its strong electromagnetism is scientific proof, even to the sceptic, that crystals do actually emit living energies. Quartz is able to absorb and store information like a natural computer, making it a spiritual library literally waiting to be accessed. You can ask this stone to enhance your psychic abilities, filter out distractions, unlock your memory and aid concentration.

Rose QuartzRose Quartz: Always pink in colour, this type of Quartz represents love and peace. It links to all areas associated with the heart and can calm and reassure all who wear it. This crystal helps you learn to love yourself, but also aids in attracting other romantic relationships your way. It restores trust, empathy, forgiveness and acceptance. Working with Rose Quartz enables you to let go of the past and move on towards a positive loving future.

Smoky QuartzSmoky Quartz: This is a very protective crystal which is excellent in combating stress or fear. It can help through difficult times and aid you in leaving behind things that no longer serve you. It can provide pain relief, including cramps and headaches, and if you are having nightmares, Smoky Quartz will dissolve them. Very caring of the environment, this crystal eliminates and detoxifies any pollution or contamination.

Snow QuartzSnow Quartz: Snow white in colour, this type of Quartz is associated with deep inner wisdom. It is particularly useful when you are going through a period of learning. It can help you feel less overwhelmed when you have huge responsibilities and it is good for positive co-operation, making you think before you speak out loud.

AgateAgate: Formed out of tiny Quartz Crystals which have been laid down in bands, the Agate stone comes in many colours and has multiple layers. They contain great qualities of strength and safety and have the power to harmonize positive and negative forces in the universe. Agate is good for building confidence and gives people the courage to start again after any bad experiences.

Moss AgateMoss Agate: This green crystal is connected with the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. Use it to increase your understanding of the magical properties of herbs, flowers, trees, wildlife and nature spirits. It is associated with intellectuality, optimism, positive personality traits and the ability to get on with others. Moss Agate can also attract wealth and abundance into your life and speeds up recovery after illness.

Blue Lace AgateLace Agate: Always a beautiful pale milky blue in colour, this variation of Agate links to the throat and allows free expression of opinion and feeling. It makes talking to people easier and suppresses any fear of judgment or rejection. Lace Agate helps with sound and vocal skills, so is particularly useful for actors, singers or public speakers.

Fire AgateFire Agate: A red or orange crystal with strong grounding powers, this stone will always support you through very difficult times. It can literally place a protective shield around the body, returning any ill wishes or harmful thoughts back to where they came from. Like fire this crystal is vibrant and full of vitality, igniting passion in all who wear it.

FluoriteFluorite: A transparent crystal which is highly protective, Fluorite can shut off any outside influences which could harm you. It cleanses and purifies, so is particularly useful for anyone feeling a little disorganised. It can help restructure your daily life and overcome feelings of chaos. On a psychic level this crystal will make you more spiritually aware and it can act as a learning aid to help you with processing information. The physical benefits are also endless. It can rid you of colds and flu infections, heal teeth, dental work and ulcers, treat skin, blemishes and wrinkles and improve balance and co-ordination.

HematiteHematite: This dark silver crystal completely dissolves any negativity and restores peace and harmony. It can draw illness away from the body and remove any feelings of self-limitation. For this reason it is particularly useful for enhancing your willpower and stops you from over-eating or feeling too lethargic to exercise. If you have an important question to ask, hold a piece of Hematite in your hand and the right answer will automatically come to you. It can also help with improving your memory and sorting out problems of any kind.

RhodoniteRhodonite: A pink and red stone which like Rose Quartz connects to the heart and can heal emotional wounds, shock or panic. It is hugely associated with forgiveness. Rhodonite can clear away scars from the past, such as festering resentment or anger. It has the ability to turn back insults and prevent retaliation. This stone will help you remain calm in upsetting situations as it teaches that revenge is only self-destructive and that you should try to see both sides of an issue.

CelestiteCelestite: This crystal has been called the Teacher of the New Age as it is full of divine energies and can help you contact the spiritual world and angelic realms. Use it to help with clairvoyance, dream recall and journeys out of the body. Celestite is a creative stone, especially useful in areas of the arts and it attracts good fortune.

SodaliteSodalite: This deep blue crystal is useful in group work as it brings about harmony, trust and companionship. It does however also help you to stay true to yourself and stand up for your own personal beliefs. Sodalite is another good healer of the throat, vocal chords and larynx, so use it to help with colds and hoarseness and to cool down fevers. Place it on your computer to clear up any electromagnetic pollution.

ApatiteApatite: This crystal is connected to both the future and the past. It is able to develop your psychic gifts and has been called the Stone of Manifestation. Apatite can expand your knowledge of the truth and ease any sorrow or anger. It can increase your motivation and energy levels and make you more extraverted. It can heal bones and suppress hunger. Use in social situations to feel more at ease and less alienated.

SulphurSulphur: This is a bright yellow crystal which has a negative electrical charge and absorbs any negative energy or emotion. It comes from volcanoes so connects to anything that erupts: feelings, violence, skin conditions and fever. It can help identify negative traits within a personality like stubbornness, rebelliousness or disobedience. Sulphur is toxic and should never be taken internally.

AmethystAmethyst: Always purple in colour, this is another crystal associated with promoting love. It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It can calm the mind and help you feel more focused and in control. Amethyst improves motivation, aids decision making and brings out your common sense. Use it to dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Use it to alleviate sadness, grief, and come to terms with loss. If you’re having trouble sleeping and want a restful night, place a piece under your pillow as it cures any insomnia due to an overactive brain.

JasperJasper: A great support in times of stress, this crystal has been called the Supreme Nurturer. It reminds people that we should all help each other. Jasper will give you determination in all your pursuits. It aids quick-thinking, organisation and the ability to see projects through. Jasper can stimulate your imagination and transform ideas into action. It will bring you courage to get to grips with your problems and it promotes honesty within yourself. You do have to use Jasper over long periods of time though, as it works quite slowly.

PeridotPeridot: In ancient times Peridot was believed to keep away evil spirits and so it is still considered to be a very protective crystal. It is a powerful cleanser and can release old baggage, burdens and obsessions. It teaches us that holding onto people or the past is not productive. Peridot is good for getting rid of jealousy, resentment or spite. It helps you admit your own mistakes and stops you blaming other people for them. This crystal will greatly help you improve difficult relationships.

AmberAmber: This golden yellow stone is not actually a crystal, since it is formed from fossilized tree resin. It is still a powerful healer however and can draw disease away from the body. It is warm and bright and can make people feel happy. It clears depression and puts you in a positive mental state. Amber helps your wishes come true, giving you the drive to go out and achieve them.

OpalOpal: This delicate, milky crystal is connected with karma and teaches you that what goes around comes around and that what you put out you get back. It is sometimes called the Invisibility Stone, as if properly programmed it can protect you into being completely unnoticeable. Use it if you ever have to go into dangerous places. Opal encourages an interest in the arts and makes the wearer feel light and spontaneous. It is also a seductive stone, linked to love, passion and desire.

RubyRuby: This expensive red crystal gives the wearer lots of energy and a passion for life. It improves motivation and enthusiasm and encourages you to “follow your bliss.” It is a stone of abundance and helps you retain wealth. Ruby is good for courage and leadership. It sharpens the mind and heightens concentration. It is a very sociable stone and will attract other people to you.

AquamarineAquamarine: In ancient legends, it is said that Aquamarine contained the power of the seas. Sailors carried it as an amulet to keep them safe from storms, drowning and to bring them back home safely. It is a good crystal to use for courage, calm and reducing stress. It helps you to understand your emotional state and interpret how you feel. Use it also for sea sickness and travel sickness and to ease problems with teeth or sore throats.

SeleniteSelenite: This beautiful crystal attracts angelic energy into your life. Its pure white, finely ribbed form even looks angelic and can help you reach new states of consciousness. If you meditate with it, it will expand your sense of spirituality and rapidly shift any negativity. It removes emotional turmoil or confusion and aids concentration and clear thinking. Selenite will provide clarity of mind and strengthen decision making processes. It can help you to better understand situations around you and reach the correct judgement in disputes. Physically it is good for flexibility as it aligns the spinal column and it can combat wrinkles and age spots.

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