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The Faery Tale of Aqua Marine

Deep, deep down, many fathoms below the ocean’s surface, the sea holds a wealth of secrets, and the Mer Kingdom of Atlantisite…

When the mermaid, Aqua Marine, rescues a boy who is drowning at sea, she becomes obsessed with the need to save him. Hearing of buried treasure – a sacred chalice which offers eternal youth – she feels this could be the magic answer.

But Aqua Marine is not the only one seeking the legendary Holy Grail. A motley pirate crew, an ancient shipwreck and a brutal skeleton army all stand in the way.

With the help of Rosie Quartz and her friends, will the treasure hunters succeed?

Or will Aqua realise that sometimes the right thing to do is to just let go?


Reader Review

“These Tales are not just about faeries. They deal with the very real and relevant topics of young love, loss, friendship and identity.”


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