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The Faery Tale of Amy Thyst

Amy clasped her hands together and chewed on her knuckles. She had watched the unfolding drama in growing alarm. The story told by the locket had been hard enough to digest, but this! This was bad. And this was not some tale from long ago.

The discovery of a special gold locket unlocks further secrets of the Steeple faeries…

As a faery, Amy Thyst knows that getting mixed up with a human boy is bad news. Just look what happened to her friend Rosie Quartz!

But when she meets the intriguing and troubled Benjie Rivers, her heart seems to take over her head. Intent on helping him overcome his own problems, Amy doesn’t see the danger in which she is placing the whole Faery Kingdom and all she holds dear.

Allowing a human to photograph a faery can’t hurt that much. Can it?


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