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Community Christmas Market

Community Christmas Market


‘The Faery Tales’ had their first taste of the festive season this month, with a sparkly pink and glittery table at the Horizon Community Christmas Market in Barnsley. Sponsored by The Co-Operative, there were over 60 trader stalls at the event, complete with refreshments, live music, carol singing and dancers. Hundreds of people poured through the doors all day to sample the fabulous goods on sale and begin their Christmas shopping. And ‘The Faery Tales’ stall had an extremely successful flow of customers. Author Melanie J Firth, ended up having to take orders or direct people to her online stockists as the hefty batch of books she had brought with her went like hotcakes!

“I’ve had such a fun day,” said Melanie. “I never dreamed I’d sell so many copies of my book at an event like this. Lots of people said it would make a great Christmas present, so I’ve enjoyed signing copies with seasonal messages. Some customers even said that the book was going to get sent overseas to relatives they had in far off locations, and I love the thought of Rosie Quartz making it all the way to Cyprus and Australia!”

Melanie also took the opportunity to publicize her forthcoming second novel, Book 2 of ‘The Faery Tales’ fantasy series. “I’ve had the poster of the illustration for the cover on display,” she explained, “so I’ve had huge interest in when it’s coming out. It’s been a very productive day for me, not just from a sales point of view, but also for publicity purposes. And I got to wear my Christmas jumper for the first time and eat Christmas buns while I did it, so what’s not to love about that?”


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