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Faery Garden


What I’m totes J’adoring this week is my garden. With the official arrival of the summer solstice, I have fallen head over heels in love with the great outdoors again and over the past month I’ve been daydreaming up ways to make my own little piece of England a beautiful place to be. I have to admit that within the long winter period I had allowed what lay beyond my back door to get overgrown and neglected. I’d kick my pooches out for the toilet in the morning but I certainly didn’t want to venture there myself. Well, I decided I should be ashamed. I mean, my rabbit has to permanently reside on the patio after all, and what in Gaia’s name would the faeries think of such disrespect for their environment! So I began glamorising. Well ok, ‘I’ didn’t. I can’t ever see me pulling off a heavy duty gardening role, even if it came with a fluorescent pink pair of gloves and matching knee guards. But I began brainstorming in a nice notebook and drawing up ideas in a real artist’s sketch pad. Then I passed these onto my father in law who has done all the hard work for me and realised my visions far better than I actually imagined. I’ve done all the fun bits though. You know, like buying large plant pots bursting with multicolfoured flowers and dotting ornamental gnomes strategically around the perimeters. I’ve discovered a whole new world of garden goodies that you can become a green fingered shopaholic about. Hanging glass lanterns. Polkadot bunting. LED string lights. Gingham picnic baskets. And the ultimate cherry on the cake, I’ve hung a Faery Welcome sign on the new wooden gate to let them know we’re back open for business and they’re invited to attend.
On the warm days we’ve been lucky enough to have recently, I’ve laid on my sun lounger with my favourite glossy magazines, sipping an ice cold cocktail through a straw in a pretty handled jam jar. Millie Rabbit has danced around the mowed grass. And we’ve even managed to break the lawnmower and now need to purchase a new one in all the excitement of keeping the lawn pristine. I’m now looking forward to breaking up from school for the six week summer holidays and enjoying many lengthy garden days like these ones … Oh my! Mid sentence my friend Lisa has just messaged me to let me know that the garden centre near her has gone and brought out a whole range of miniature Faery furniture – like doll house furniture but for your garden. Oh my stars! How soon can I get there? Time to sign off and see. Peace, love and sunshine sparkles. mjxoxo


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