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What I’m Totes J’adoring This Week …

What I really heart about the faeries is that even though their lives are completely rooted in the spiritual awareness of Mother Earth and the Great Universe, they are still in no way averse to the sparkly yumminess of beautiful material goods. They too appreciate the starry highs one can reach from trying on a shiny new pair of heels or clutching a blingy new perfume bottle. We are all entitled to and deserving of nice things, providing we remember that they are not the be all and the end all and are only accompaniments to make an already wonderful life just that little bit sweeter. So with this in mind, I have decided to share on my blog a weekly update of such little pleasures which I am totes j’adoring in the hope that they may also remind you to stop and appreciate all the fabuloso things that surround you and make you smile. Keep an eye out this week for my first entry and I’d love to hear your own contributions too. Peace, love and fluttering Faery wings mjxoxo

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