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Introducing Aqua Marine

Introducing Aqua Marine

Faeries, mermaids, dolphins, pirates, and skeletons. These are just some of the new characters you’ll be introduced to in the brand-new book of The Faery Tales series coming soon.

The challenge for me when approaching a new instalment is to ensure I am bringing readers new and engaging personalities to meet, while at the same time making sure the original names of the previous books still have their own important storylines carried through. Every single character in the series has an explicit reason for being there and their individual purpose will link to the ultimate conclusion of The Tales in the final book. Although each story has a stand-alone focus within, readers will recognise there is a far larger story playing out beyond that, which runs from Book 1 to Book 6.

In The Faery Tale of Aqua Marine, the familiar gang of Steeple children all play a predominant role and there are lots of new things to learn about Billie, Sally, Guy, Benjie, Des, Deano, Helena, Tracy and Shelby. There is certainly a surprise or two in there regarding the things that happen to them and their complicated connections to one another. This is the first time the human children get a glimpse of Rosie’s alternative faery world and all she has been through.

Though Aqua Marine has a fish tail instead of wings, mermaids are still a form of faerie, existing on the same vibration. Where faeries are earth dwelling nature spirits, the merfolk are sea dwelling, but both live by the same spiritual laws and are often in helpful communication with one another. I adored diving into a magical underwater world for the writing of this book, learning about the Mer Kingdom of Atlantisite, where he rules the waves with his sixteen beautiful daughters. I studied as much as I could about marine life and also the tragic damage to our planet caused by sea pollution. There is a strong message contained in this book about waste disposal and caring for the environment and I really hope readers take that away with them.

The seaside setting of Cockle Shell Bay is a new location, and our first time venturing out of Steeple, but I hope readers will soon feel at home with the children in this quaint coastal holiday village. The marina, the amusement arcades, the lighthouse, the shipwreck, and the cliff tops have been a joy to write about and I honestly think this has been my most favourite book to create so far. The fond childhood memory of my Enid Blyton Famous Five and Secret Seven collections always had me thinking I’d like to take the faeries on a good old-fashioned treasure hunt adventure. Maps, pirates, boats, and abandoned haunted locations are instantly recognisable and well-loved conventions in storybooks and I don’t think they ever lose their appeal. Yes, there may have been a little self-indulgence in my own favourite genres here, but I’m hoping (and praying) many of you will share that swashbuckling pirate passion with me.

Alongside the adventure one must also acknowledge the book’s prevalent topic of bereavement and dealing with the painful emotions of losing a loved one. Approaching this subject can be a delicate matter in young adult fiction, but sooner or later we all come to realise that loss is as much a part of life as living, and understanding the mindset around tragedy is an important part of our growth.

Above all, this book is about two ordinary young brothers and their relationship with one another. Cameron Sky, aged twelve and Caleb Sky, aged seventeen are the real heroes of Aqua’s story. Their innocent characters represent the human frailties and insecurities common in all of us, but also the phenomenal strengths and triumphs achievable through the universal power of love.

So let me take you deep, deep down, many fathoms below the ocean’s surface, where the sea holds a wealth of secrets, and the Mer Kingdom of Atlantisite …

The Faery Tale of Aqua Marine will be available to purchase in Autumn 2020.

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