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Book 1: The Faery Tale of Rosie Quartz – Out now

The Faery Tale of Rosie Quartz Now Rosie Quartz would tell you I’m sure, that when she turned around (for she did of course turn around – eventually) that it was one of those precious and priceless moments that for various reasons you remember crystal clearly and replay continuously over in your mind forever. Seeing Guy Flower for the first time was so extraordinarily special, because Guy himself was clearly so extraordinarily special. He did not slip easily into any category that Rosie, Sally and Billie had invented for boys at school. In fact, he was about as different to the other boys Rosie knew as broccoli stalks and chocolate cake.

Throughout the years, faeries have been forgotten, downtrodden and misrepresented. Especially in books! They are not a figment of the human imagination. In fact, I was lucky enough to meet one and to learn of the Land they inhabit. So now I have a tale to tell…

Rosie Quartz has always believed she was a perfectly normal twelve-year-old girl. But that is about to change. When a summer romance with the beautiful new boy ends in heartbreak, Rosie is catapulted into an extraordinary series of events that force the faeries to intervene. As visitor in a magical miniature world, Rosie must re-learn her past and face up to her true identity.

Will she solve the riddle before it’s too late? And will she decide where she truly belongs?


Reader Review

“These Tales are not just about faeries. They deal with the very real and relevant topics of young love, loss, friendship and identity.”

Book 2: The Faery Tale of Amy Thyst – Out now

The Faery Tale of Amy Thyst

Amy clasped her hands together and chewed on her knuckles. She had watched the unfolding drama in growing alarm. The story told by the locket had been hard enough to digest, but this! This was bad. And this was not some tale from long ago.

The discovery of a special gold locket unlocks further secrets of the Steeple faeries…

As a faery, Amy Thyst knows that getting mixed up with a human boy is bad news. Just look what happened to her friend Rosie Quartz!

But when she meets the intriguing and troubled Benjie Rivers, her heart seems to take over her head. Intent on helping him overcome his own problems, Amy doesn’t see the danger in which she is placing the whole Faery Kingdom and all she holds dear.

Allowing a human to photograph a faery can’t hurt that much. Can it?


Book 3 in The Faery Tales series, ‘The Faery Tale of Aqua Marine,’ is due out very soon in Autumn 2020.

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