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Penistone Literature Festival

Penistone Literature Festival

The first ever Penistone Literature Festival, launched in July this year, was the perfect opportunity for children’s author, Melanie J Firth, to meet with local people and talk about her new book, ‘The Faery Tale of Rosie Quartz.’ Melanie lives in the village of Penistone herself, so she jumped at the opportunity to be involved in promoting this wonderful new initiative.

“Nothing like the event has ever happened in Penistone before,” says Melanie, “but building on from the success of the weekend, I am certain that the festival will turn into an annual feature.”

Experts ran numerous workshops across the two days, and speakers included the likes of award winning poet, Simon Armitage, popular chick-lit author, Milly Johnson, and children’s illustrator Gillian Tyler.

Melanie sold copies of her book and signed them with personal messages for the young audience who came to hear her talk about her own experiences with the magical world of faeries. After a question and answer session, the children were then treated to a faery crafts workshop where they were able to make wands, bookmarks and door hangers.

“This is quite simply my idea of heaven,” Melanie laughed, sat amid a table of glitter, sparkles, diamantes and feathers. “I love making pretty faery objects, and getting to do that with my young readers, based around the subject of my book is truly special.”


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