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Pretty Vintage Tea Cups & Saucers


What I’m totes J’adoring this week is pretty vintage tea cups and saucers. These things just make my heart sing. Two old friends of mine, Louise and Sarah, first got me hooked hunting out these hidden treasures on the shelves of charity shops. We used to potter round the cobbled streets of beautiful Beverley where Sarah lived and snap up any porcelain bargains to be had. We would then carefully arrange them on a tray which we would carry out into her garden and sip our tea in the sunshine like true ladies of elegance. That’s the fascination for me. How drinking from a delicate floral cup and placing it back down with a chink on the matching saucer automatically transforms you into a sophisticated and stylish being. It’s the epitome of girl glamour. I also like to taste champagne from them when I’m taking a bath (well, OK, usually just cheap fizzy wine) but I can pretend I’m some kind of Bugsy Malone heroine at the speakeasy. When I told my Nannan about my obsession she was only too happy to offload a whole collection of her own which she had gathered over the years and these now proudly fill the white dresser in my dining room. These are more special because they hold real memories and history connected to my family. Some were wedding presents when my Nan and Grandad got married. Some belonged to my Nan’s Nan before her. Wow! But I’m also now crushing big time on the more modern day versions you can get with skull illustrations. The juxtaposition of two things which really shouldn’t go together just totally works and is eye candy for the soul. I have another friend, Jen, who themed her entire wedding day around vintage pottery and everything on the guest tables was presented in tea cups and lace. Stunning! So I hope I’ve convinced you that you really need to own at least one pretty cup and saucer set and make it a priority to take some time out from the busy world and de-stress with a good book and drink. Enjoy x 100. mjxoxoimage

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