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Lights, Camera, Action! The Faery Tales Film Trailer

Lights, Camera, Action! The Faery Tales Film Trailer

As part of her campaign to launch and publicise her new book, ‘The Faery Tale of Rosie Quartz’, author Melanie J Firth worked with Overlook Films to produce a film trailer about her forthcoming fictional series.
Emily Hemming, Publishing Assistant at SilverWood Books, reports from on set in Bristol:

Melanie launched the first story in her Faery Tales Series in June. Needless to say the prospect of assisting on set, having never experienced this before, was a little daunting. But it’s always a pleasure to see our authors outside of the usual office environment and this was the perfect opportunity to catch up with Melanie post-publication. I was also extremely excited to see behind the scenes and witness first-hand what goes into making a great book trailer. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Following a few introductory emails between Overlooks Tony O’Callaghan, Melanie and me, Tony consulted directly with Melanie and was able to prepare a detailed call sheet which set out the direction the shoot would take – and thus we were set to film.

Given the subject of Melanie’s book The Faery Tale of Rosie Quartz, a garden setting seemed idyllic so Tony found not one but two locations which would provide a suitable backdrop.

Armed with Melanie’s promotional props, copies of the book, outfit choices and a wonderful rose quartz stone, Melanie and I arrived at this tranquil spot. We were warmly greeted by Tony and sound technician Richard who’d arrived early to prepare their equipment.

Once filming began I was pleasantly surprised again by the ease with which Melanie took to filming and I wasn’t alone. When speaking to Tony about the shoot he said, “We had a great afternoon filming, in a lovely location with a very professional team. A special mention for Melanie who was incredible in her delivery, attitude and attention to detail. A really easy and enjoyable shoot which I’m sure will come across in the final edits.”

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, I know. But as Tony said Melanie’s (and his!) attention to detail really made a difference. We were able to work through the scenes quickly allowing us plenty of time to perfect things and explore different angles. Most importantly, I’m certain that Melanie and Tony’s preparation and vision will ensure the Online Video Campaign captures the essence of her book perfectly. Although I can’t help but believe a little bit of Rosie Quartz’s magic helped because it was extraordinary to see vibrant blue dragon flies landing on the pink water lilies when filming by the pond!

The finished film trailer can now be viewed here on the Faery Tales website.

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